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Online courts, the future of justice and being bold in 2020

Ari Kaplan recently spoke with Richard Susskind, who has worked on technology for lawyers since 1981. Susskind is the author of a newly released book, Online Courts and the Future of Justice, among many others, including The End of Lawyers? and The Future of the Professions. Susskind is also a speaker and independent advisor to major professional firms and national governments. He was the keynote speaker at the National Center for State Courts’ 2019 Court Technology Conference in New Orleans. His main area of expertise is the future of professional legal services and, in particular, the way in which IT and the internet are changing the work of lawyers.

NAPCO Trial Court Leadership Guides Launched

The NAPCO Board of Directors, meeting in Minneapolis in August 2019, authorized the development of a series of briefing papers for presiding judges, court executives and court leadership teams that review and capsulize each day-long, interactive Leadership Academy Day seminar presented at the Association’s annual conferences.

Reflections from the Bench: Procedural Fairness and Trauma: How do we avoid re-traumatizing our court users?

I have spent 29 years as a general jurisdiction trial court judge, primarily in the criminal and family courts. Every day on the bench I saw those who had been traumatized by the crimes, actions or neglect of others. I know my experience is not unusual. A 2016 Bureau of Justice Statistics report tells us that the majority of Americans will experience a violent crime at some point in their lives. One in four children will suffer abuse or neglect. That adds up to 3 million children per year. Simply put, it is an unusual day when someone who has experienced trauma is not in the courtroom.