NAPCO Conference 2019

The 2019 Trial Court Leadership Conference will be held September 22-25 in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. More information to follow.

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Get Involved

NAPCO membership is open to presiding, chief and leadership judges, court executives and others …

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Making the Case for Bail Reform: Cuyahoga County

If you were arrested, could you afford a bond of $500? Three different people could give you three different answers to that question. One person might be able to pay on the spot, another would never be able to afford that much, and a third person could pay it, but only after sitting in jail for a week or so trying to raise the funds.

Improved justice for the poor as St. Louis County public defenders get help from private attorneys

Overburdened public defenders in St. Louis County are going to get some help from private attorneys courtesy of an order from Presiding Circuit Court Judge Douglas R. Beach. Beach has been meeting for months with criminal justice stakeholders to find ways to reduce defenders’ workloads. He has come up with an equitable solution to help make sure low-income defendants in county courts get the fair representation they deserve.

If a nation has no independent judiciary, rights are merely ’empty promises’

Judicial independence. Some have pointed out that a remarkable feature of this principle is how few words it takes to enunciate it, and how many years it takes to understand and implement it. Others speak reverently about the principle while referencing phrases such as “separation of powers” and “rule of law.” After 28 years of judicial experience, I now have a firm grasp of the principle of judicial independence. I am further aided in my understanding of the principle by looking at our nation’s history.