NAPCO Conference 2018

The Trial Court Leadership Conference will be held October 14-17, 2018, in St. Louis, Missouri at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Save the date! More information to follow.

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Get Involved

NAPCO membership is open to presiding, chief and leadership judges, court executives and others …

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Jury Duty seen as Good Citizenship by Most Americans

According to a recent Pew Research Survey, the chances of serving on a jury in any given year are small, but most Americans still see it as part of being a good citizen. 67% of U.S, adults said serving on a jury “is part of what it means to be a good citizen.” Only 31% took the opposite view and said jury duty service “does not have much to do with being a good citizen.”

How do we deal with the manmade hurricane of racial bigotry?

Natural hurricanes bring humane responses. But how do we deal with the manmade hurricane of racial bigotry? Our nation has seen the horror that Hurricanes Harvey and Irma caused. What happened was not simply the loss of life, but the ravaging and destruction of communities that at best will take years to rebuild. There is no silver lining in this tragedy. Yes, we came together. Yes, the traditionally broken Congress acted swiftly to fund a response, but if you are a victim it will take a long time to heal. Or, is there a silver lining?