Annual Meetings to be conducted at host court sites, not hotels, to save costs and enhance choices for participants

Chief Judge Charles (Tim) McCoy, Executive Court Administrator Jack Clarke, Deputy Court Administrator Joi Sorensen and the judges and staff of the Superior Court in Los Angeles County have begun already to stretch out the educational program for the 2010 Annual Meeting to be sited at the court’s main courthouse in the heart of Los Angeles.  Among the timely topics under consideration are:

  • – the dynamics and intricacies in promoting stable funding in an uncertain economic climate;
  • – leadership and reengineering metro courts in better, more efficient ways; and
  • – delay reduction to reduce costs, streamline caseflow, and stay current in tough times.

More information about the 2010 Annual Meeting and Education Seminars will be posted on this website.  The targeted audiences for the Conference are presiding and leadership judges, as well as court administrators, in the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas having populations of 500,000 or more, and the biggest urban areas, regardless of population size, in smaller populated states where a metropolitan court catchment region may not reach a half-million residents.