Reports & Studies

Listed below is an array of recent studies and reports that may be of interest to metropolitan courts.  The collection of topics is based on the strategic issues identified by the National Conference as priority areas for the membership.

Some reports target statewide court data and policies that affect metro courts, others focus on specific justice system problems and programs commonly found among our member courts.  All are from reputable nationwide court reform and improvement organizations, or courts themselves.   Some of the organizations that have produced these documents include, but are not limited to the following organizations.

This compendium of reports is not an exhaustive list of research and analyses on any of the subjects listed, but rather a sampling of recent data publicly available to metro court leaders.

From time to time, these resources are updated.  They are presented here in an effort to help provide possible insights for metro court leaders regarding potential solutions to similar operational challenges they may encounter.

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[/column] [column size=”3-4″ last=”1″ style=”0″] National Center for State Courts

National Judicial College

Justice Management Institute

American Bar Association

American Judicature Society

Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System

Center for Court Innovation

National Association for Court Management

Conference of Chief Justices

Conference of State Court Administrators

Bureau of Justice Assistance

University of California
[/column] 3. Caseflow – Civil

Topic Jurisdiction | Topic | Location Year | Source
1. Alternative Dispute Resolution New Mexico Statewide ADR STudy Supreme Court – Santa Fe, NM 2011: NCSC
2. Caseflow – Criminal District Court – Felony 2010: NCSC
Municipal Court – Misdemeanors Seattle, WA 2011: NCSC
Pretrial Justice in Criminal Cases: Judges’ Perspectives on Key Issues and Opportunities for Improvement 2013: NJC
4. Caseflow – Domestic Relations
4. Caseflow – Juvenile
6. Court Security
7. Domestic Violence
8. Courthouse Facilities Circuit Court Space Study Portland, OR 2012: NCSC
District Court Space Study Des Moines, IA 2010: NCSC
9. Juries/Jury Management Jury Management System Requirements 2013: NCSC
Juries and the CSI Effect 2013: UCal
10. Justice System Improvement City Court/Prosecutor/Defender/Police Phoenix, AZ 2012: NCSC
Funding Justice Guide 2013: NCSC, JAS
12.Media Relations
13. Problem-Solving Courts Strategies to Reduce Recidivism Supreme Court – Madison, WI 2011: NCSC
14. Reengineering and Staffing Superior Court Reorganization Study San Mateo Counter, CA 2011: NCSC
15. Self-Represented Litigants
16. Technology – Courtroom
17. Technology – Case Mgmt.
18. Technology – Justice Systems
19. Technology – E -Filing