Resolution 1

  • In Support of a National Task Force on Court Fines and Fees (PDF)

Resolution 2

  • In Support of a Call to Action and Recommendations of the Conference of Chief Justices’ Civil Justice Improvements Committee to Improve Civil Justice in all State and Local Trial Courts (PDF)

Resolution 3

  • In Support of the Conference of Chief Justices/Conference of State Court Administrators National Opioid Task Force and Effective Court Responses (PDF)

Resolution 4

  • In Support of a Joint NCSC | NAPCO Initiative to Update the Monograph entitled “Key Elements of an Effective Rule of Court on the Role of the Presiding Judge in Trial Courts” (PDF)

Resolution 5

  • In Support of a Request to the National Center for State Courts to Create a Designated Seat for a National Association for Presiding Judges and Court Executive Officers Representative on the National Center for State Courts Board of Directors (PDF)

Resolution 6

  • In Support of Case Processing Time Standard Guidelines for State and Local Trial Court (PDF)

Resolution 7

  • In Support of Improving the Justice System Response to Mental Illness (PDF)

Resolution 8

  • In Support of Increased Funding for Court Improvement Programs (PDF)

Resolution 9

  • In Support of Policy Recommendations of the National Opioid Task Force (PDF)

Resolution 10

  • In Support of Admission of Evidence from Cell Phones and Other Personal Electronic Devices (PDF)

Resolution 11

  • In Support of Implementation of Clear Communications and Streamlined Procedures in Trial Courts (PDF)