WEBINAR: Using Behavioral Science to Improve Court Appearance Rates

This webinar was recorded on November 21, 2023.

While the majority of people make their required court appearances, the consequences of missed appearances quickly spiral for court users and the court system. Missed court appearances prevent cases from moving forward and waste the court’s time and resources. And even a single missed appearance can have dramatic consequences for court users, as bench warrants, jail, license suspensions, and fines can lead to loss of freedom, jobs, family stability, and more. Zooming out, the scale of the problem is immense: missed appearances are a leading cause of warrants and jail, contribute to racial inequities in arrests, and cost courts across the country millions of dollars each year. 

Despite the costs, the status quo approaches, such as bench warrants, fines, license suspensions, and jail, don’t respond to the real reasons most people miss court, and, therefore, don’t solve the problem. 

This two-part online seminar series begins here with a deep dive from the experts at ideas42 into what behavioral science — the study of why people do what they do — can tell us about the real reasons people miss court, and how courts can use this knowledge to improve appearance.

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  • John A. Bello, Principal Management Consultant, National Center for State Courts


  • Alissa Fishbane, Managing Director, ideas42
  • Shannon McAuliffe, Associate Managing Director, ideas42