What is NAPCO?

NAPCO is a Professional Association of Presiding Judges, Chief Executive Officers, and Court Leadership Teams Dedicated to Improving and Leading the Nation’s State and Local Courts.

What’s the Genesis of NAPCO? Our VISION (Hope for the Future)

Trial courts are essential to a healthy democracy where the rights of all are protected and justice is carried out fairly and impartially. Local and state courts are the engines of our justice system, handling 98 percent of all cases filed in the United States. They excel and flourish when led by skilled, competent, innovative and caring court leaders.

How Does NAPCO Spark Leadership Improvement? Our MISSION (Reason for Being)

Our goal is to utilize webinars, workshops, leadership academies, studies, publications, mentoring, annual conferences, personal reflection, and collaborations with justice system improvement groups to teach useful leadership skills and philosophies to presiding judges and court executive officers in order to help them develop as productive pairs who will work effectively with each other and their leadership teams to responsibly and creatively manage our nation’s courts.

How is NAPCO Organized?

We are an independent, nonprofit, 501 (c) (3) public benefit corporation operating under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

What are NAPCO’s Highest Priorities? Our VALUES (What we Believe)

We value and advocate for fair, accessible, efficient, apolitical, independent and accountable state and local trial courts dedicated to truth-finding and the rule of law.

How is NAPCO Funded?

Membership dues, government grants, donations, and conference and workshop fees.