WEBINAR: Storytelling as a Leadership Tool

This webinar was recorded on December 13, 2023.

Storytelling has been around for thousands of years. From ancient cave dwellings to the latest webinar series, stories have both fascinated and motivated humankind. Stories have always been a highly helpful tool to communicate a message, idea, or feeling. This is why the art of telling a thought-provoking story is an essential leadership skill in today’s world as it has been in times past.

Through storytelling, leaders can emotionally connect with others, inspire organizations, set strategic visions in motion, clarify ideas, and teach important lessons. Impactful and engaging stories have the potential to change a person’s attitudes, values, beliefs, and in many instances their behavior. Storytelling with a purpose is key to being not only a good leader but a more effective and inspirational one.

Authors Frances Frei and Anne Morris, writing in a recent Harvard Business Review magazine, highlight how storytelling in a business or public setting holds a remarkable capability to connect people and inspire them to act. “When your organization needs to make a big change,” they advise, “stories will help you convey not only why it needs to transform but also what the future will look like in specific, vivid terms.”

Join us for this 75-minute insightful discussion on how to use storytelling more thoughtfully as a court leader. Given the holiday season, the topic is certainly central to what many of us are engaged in this time of year.

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  • Gordon Griller, NAPCO Executive Director
    Former Trial Court Executive in Minnesota and Arizona; NCSC Consultant


  • Hon. Kevin Burke (ret.), Chief Judge | Judicial Consultant
    District Court of Minnesota in Hennepin County (Minneapolis)
  • Hon. Nushin Sayfie, Chief Judge
    Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court of Florida in Dade County (Miami)
  • David Yamasaki, Court Executive Officer
    Superior Court of California for Orange County (Santa Ana)