2018 Trial Court Leadership Conference

The Trial Court Leadership Conference was held October 14-17, 2018, in St. Louis, Missouri, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

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THEME: “Launching and Leading Turnarounds to Shape & Renew Courts”

This three-day conference featured team and competency skills building for local and state court leaders, and a series of workshops on current and emerging issues impacting courts. Leadership judges and court administrators were encouraged to attend as teams. Judges and administrators attending on their own were also welcome.

Included among the topics that were presented:

  • The Art and Science of “Leading Leaders” through the Power of Negotiation;
  • Managing with Caseload Analytics through the Rise and Fall of Caseloads;
  • Improving the Justice System Response to Mental Illness;
  • After Ferguson: A Case for Minimum Operating Standards for Limited Jurisdiction Courts;
  • CEO’s as Strategic Advisors: Why Should the Boss (PJs) Listen to You?;
  • Does Tenure and Selection Method for PJs Impact Trial Court Management and Direction?;
  • Dealing Responsibly with Hurricane Harvey (Weinstein) and the #Me Too Crisis;
  • Limited License Legal Technicians for the Lawyerless; Succession Planning for PJs and CEOs; and
  • Jailed for Being Too Poor: The National Task Force Report on Fines, Fees, Bail Reform.


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