National Judicial Outreach Week: March 4-10, 2018

Over the past few years, the American Bar Association’s Judicial Division has developed a new community education program about the work courts do every day called “Preserving the Rule of Law.” In 2018, the ABA has designated the week of March 4-10 as National Judicial Outreach Week (NJOW) and encourages all active and retired judges to invite their communities to their courthouses or go out into their communities to meet with the public and talk about the importance of the justice system, courts, and the Rule of Law.

Each day, more than 30,000 judges throughout America ensure our nation continues to be ruled by laws and that everyone is equal before the law. Our courts are required to apply our laws fairly and impartially and not be influenced by the “ill humors” of popular, partisan, and special interests. One of the most effective ways to promote public understanding and commitment to safeguarding the Rule of Law is for the public to meet America’s judges and learn about their unwavering dedication to fairness, impartiality, and the Rule of Law.

The ABA Judicial Division and its Judicial Outreach Network has prepared a National Judicial Outreach Information Packet (PDF) that explains the how and why of Judicial Outreach Week, and a PowerPoint presentation entitled Preserving the Rule of Law (PPS) along with Speaker Notes (PDF) that can be used or adapted by judge or court staff presenters. The presentation has been carefully crafted to provide an understandable description of the Rule of Law and to foster discussion between the speakers and audiences.

Feel free to download these materials from this website, or the Judicial Division portion of the ABA website.