NAPCO Creates 3-Year Leadership and Governance Strategic Campaign

NAPCO’s Strategic Planning Committee, co-chaired by the Hon. Paula Carey, Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Trial Courts, and Sandra Lonergan, Trial Court Administrator for the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida in Miami/Dade County, recently developed a set of initiatives that chart the organization’s course over the next three fiscal years (July 2018 – June 2021). Called a “strategic campaign” rather than a strategic plan, it was endorsed and adopted by the NAPCO Board in March 2018.

A campaign approach is more flexible and open-ended than traditional planning,” said Gordon Griller, NAPCO’s Executive Director. “It permits judges, court managers, and courts themselves to mobilize around broad-scoped themes rather than narrow, fixed objectives.” Other advantages of the campaign approach and use of themes, he noted, is it allows substantial and recurrent planning, invites continual interpretation and discovery regarding actions and programs, and largely focuses on the services given by the organization to benefit its members, court leaders, and the national justice community in general.

The four themes guiding NAPCO’s work will target activities that (1) build and enhance the governance and leadership skills and capacities of presiding and court executive officers, (2) equip court leaders with the knowledge and tools necessary to lead change and court improvement efforts, (3) create collaborative, complementary alliances with justice system associations that seek to advance the interests of justice and principles inherent in the Rule of Law, and (4) promote and increase the membership of NAPCO. A complete copy of the strategic campaign can be viewed and downloaded here.