Improving Felony Caseflow

The National Center for State Courts, in collaboration with the judges and staff of the Superior Court in Maricopa County (Phoenix) and NAPCO will present a 2.5-day workshop December 3-5, 2018, focused on hands-on, evidence-based methods to improve felony case processing and reduce needless delay. The seminar is the first time NAPCO has co-sponsored a separate educational program outside its annual conference.

This special event, open to all general jurisdiction courts, includes attendees from Minnesota, Washington, Alaska, Massachusetts and Arizona. It will be held at the Superior Court’s Education Center in downtown Phoenix, the site of other national caseflow management programs presented by the Center in the past.

NAPCO’s leadership is contemplating developing additional special, short, one-off educational courses in concert with the National Center. In doing so, it is the intent to hold costs down for attendees and feature exemplary programs developed by host courts. Such efforts fit nicely with one of NAPCO’s major goals, to “equip court leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to lead change and court improvement efforts.”

For more information about the program, including registration information, please download the flyer (PDF). You can also download the program’s agenda (PDF).


  1. Rethinking Felony CFM (PDF)
  2. Pew Poll Takeaways on Pretrial Release (PDF)
  3. PSA Risk Factors and Formula (PDF)
  4. Superior Court Maricopa AZ- FY 2018 Annual Report (PDF)
  5. Maricopa County RCC and EDC Courts 2018 (PDF)
  6. Criminal Pretrial Settlement Conferences (PDF)
  7. Discovery Case Management Order (PDF)
  8. Model Continuance Policy (PDF)
  9. Elements of a Successful Plea Cut-Off Policy (PDF)
  10. Trial CourTools Overview – 2018 (PDF)
  11. CV-CR Caseflow Management Plan – Sample (PDF)
  12. CR Case Management Plan – Washington County (PDF)
  13. Model Time Standards (PDF)
  14. Time Standards Maricopa Superior Criminal Report (PDF)
  15. Felony CFM Slides (PDF)
  16. Admin Order 2016-078 (PDF)
  17. Felony CFM Slides II (PDF)