NAPCO Trial Court Leadership Guides Launched

The NAPCO Board of Directors, meeting in Minneapolis in August 2019, authorized the development of a series of briefing papers for presiding judges, court executives and court leadership teams that review and capsulize each day-long, interactive Leadership Academy Day seminar presented at the Association’s annual conferences.

Academy Day, dedicated to conveying up-to-date knowledge, skills and techniques on leading courts as loosely-coupled, complex organizations, is the centerpiece of each NAPCO annual education event.

All leadership guides will be featured on the NAPCO website in a continuing effort to bring court leadership teams helpful information on leading their courts.

The first three guides outline the key “take-aways” from the Leadership Academies presented in 2016 (Cleveland), 2017 (Scottsdale), and 2018 (St. Louis) which include the following topics:

NAPCO’s 2020 Academy Day focus is on Building Trust and Sustained
Collaboration in Leading Courts. The 2019 leadership guide documenting Academy Day in Minneapolis is currently under development. It targets Situational Leadership and the Use of Power in Team-Building within Courts and Justice Systems.