WEBINAR: Leading and Managing the Reopening of Juries in Trial Courts

On May 27, 2020, the National Association of Presiding Judges and Court Executive Officers hosted a special one-hour webinar for trial court leaders and leadership teams on designing and developing site-specific operational plans for reintroducing jury trials in state and local courts.

Tailoring strategies to address unique, local circumstances such as coronavirus infection rates, courthouse facilities, public health and safety concerns, technology capabilities, and judicial / non-judicial staffing levels while abiding by guidelines promulgated by state supreme courts and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are challenging.

As one leadership judge noted, “We have to build the plane at the same time we’re trying to fly it.


Hon. John J. Russo, Chair, NAPCO Board of Directors


  • Minnesota District Court, Hennepin County
    • Chief Judge Ivy Bernhardson
    • Criminal Presiding Judge Kerry Meyer
    • Court Executive Sarah Lindahl-Pfieffer
  • Arizona Judicial Branch in Maricopa County
    • Presiding Judge Joseph Welty
    • Judge Danielle Viola
    • Court Executive Raymond Billotte


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