U.S. Postal Service reorg could spark delays and service problems for courts

Date: August 19, 2020
Source: Newsroom, National Center for State Courts, Tiny Chats

Most of the news about the postal service today is related to voting, but the reorganization of the postal service by the federal administration presents potential problems for trial courts, too. Recently, the National Center for State Courts’ Tiny Chat series, an array of bite-sized annotated videos touching on specific access to justice topics and overall court operations, presented a chat on how post office changes can negatively affect trial courts. The impact of “triggering events” tied to case progression, defaults, and notice that rely on postmark, mail-by, and receipt dates present serious repercussions.

Tiny Chat 18: Postal Service Considerations for Court Officials explores how courts can adapt to the changes and the implications of those changes. It can be found at Vimeo or by accessing the National Center’s website.

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