Jury Study Needs a High-Volume Court Volunteer

June 1, 2012

Gregory Hurley, Center for Jury Studies, National Center for State Courts

The NCSC Center for Jury Studies plans to submit a proposal to the National Science Foundation by July 15, 2012, for funding to support a mock jury study to examine the impact of jury instructions on implicit bias in juror decision-making.  To conduct the study, the NCSC needs the cooperation of a high-volume trial court from which to recruit up to 8 volunteers per day from the excess jurors in the daily jury pool as well as suitable space (e.g. a vacant courtroom or meeting room) in which to conduct the study.  The NCSC will reimburse the participating court for the jury fees and mileage costs for any jurors who take part in the study.  The NCSC plans to conduct 80 mock trials over a six-month period.  If you have questions about the study or if your court would be interested and willing to participate in the study, please contact Paula Hannaford-Agor at or 757-259-1556.