Taking the Bench Self-Study Course Announced by the National Judicial College

June 21, 2012

National Judicial College Newsletter, June 2012

A no-fee online course for new general jurisdiction judges has been developed by the National Judicial College located at the University of Nevada, Reno.  It is a 6 to 9 hour self-study curriculum for judges to take after election or appointment to the bench.  Although it doesn’t substitute for any state judicial branch required orientation or basic study regimen for new judges, it certainly can augment a new judge’s education.

The course may also be of interest to judges who have recently taken the bench.  If you are aware of judges who would benefit from this course, please have them contact their chief justice, state court administrator or state judicial educator to access the course.  Click  HERE  for more information about the program and a copy of the NJC registration form to enroll in the course.