WEBINAR: Resilient Court Leadership: Building a “Better Normal” & Reimagining the Future of Work

This webinar was held on Thursday, October 29, 2020.

It is no wonder court leadership teams are experiencing “disruption fatigue.” The past seven months of COVID-19 and the many other persistent and looming uncertainties triggered by the pandemic have been challenging and exhausting. Admittedly, it’s hard to refocus on creating a better tomorrow when in the throes of surviving and adapting to immediate issues. Nevertheless, it is exactly what resilient organizations and leaders do. Courts are no exception.

Is your court leadership team prepared to take your court to a “better normal” and reimagine the new future of work? This webinar will help you pause and assess where your court is concerning its transition through the common phases of disruption. It also will provide strategies for strengthening organizational resilience, a key leadership competency for moving not just to a “new normal,” but a “better normal” with an opportunity to excel and thrive beyond pre-pandemic performance. Finally, we will begin reimagining the new future of work and how best to prepare, re-purpose, re-shape, and transform today’s workforce and workplace.

This 75-minute webinar gives leadership teams a practical edge and ideas on how to rebound better than before COVID-19 by examining stages of disruption, strengthening resilience, and preparing now for the new, future of work.


  • Leading through the phases of disruption.
  • Strategies for creating a more resilient court organization.
  • Pitfalls leaders should avoid in a crisis
  • Preparing now for the new future of work


  • Dr. Brenda Wagenknecht-Ivey, CEO, PRAXIS Consulting, Denver, CO


  • Hon. Kyle Bryson, Presiding Judge, Arizona Superior Court in Pima County
  • Ronald G. Overholt, Court Administrator, Arizona Superior Court in Pima County
  • Hon. John Guthmann, Former Chief Judge, Second District of Minnesota, St. Paul
  • Heather Kendall, Judicial District Administrator, Second District of Minnesota, St. Paul
  • Dana Bartocci, Director, Human Resources and Development, Minnesota Judicial Branch