WEBINAR: Courts that Saw the Future: Leading the Way, Transforming Services

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic have reverberated around the world. In the U.S., many courts have implemented unthinkable (until now) and unprecedented changes to keep the “wheels of justice” turning during incredibly challenging times. The advances made over the past 18 months are profound. Long-standing assumptions have been challenged, experiments encouraged, and innovations embraced. It is an exciting, break-through time characterized by new ways of thinking and endless, new possibilities. It is a time for court leaders to embrace the disruption, lead the way, and transform their service delivery models.

This program, originally presented on July 29, 2021, highlights courts and court leaders that have used the pandemic to transform judicial and court services. Court leaders will share how they embraced innovation, nurtured experimentation, and changed their views about the future. Court leaders will explain ways they led transformational change and adapted, improvised, and blended new ways of serving the public while preserving the foundational principles of justice, including improved access, fairness, and timeliness.

This 75-minute webinar provides insights for building a more personalized, service-oriented, high-tech, high-touch judicial system that are replicable in courts nationwide. Specific topics include:

  • Transforming judicial or adjudicatory services
    • Virtual hearings, remote appearances, virtual bench and jury trials (including virtual voir dire)
    • Virtual interpreting and court reporting
    • Staff and technology support
    • Collaboration with external partners/stakeholders
  • Transforming court services
    • Virtual access to information and virtual services to families, youth, and others in need of assistance
    • Strengthening court culture in a hybrid workplace


  • Hon. Dr. Brenda Wagenknecht-Ivey, CEO, PRAXIS Consulting, Denver, CO


  • Chief Judge Eugene G. Doherty, 17th Judicial Circuit (IL)
  • Tom Jakeway, Trial Court Administrator, 17th Judicial Circuit (IL)
  • Ms. Alison D. Spanner, Assistant Director, Access to Justice Division and Director, Strategic Planning, Illinois Administrative Office of the Courts
  • Presiding Judge Jim Rogers, Chief Administrative Officer, King County Superior Court (Seattle, WA)
  • Linda K. Ridge, and Director of Court Operations, King County Superior Court (Seattle, WA)
  • Rachael DelVillar, King County Superior Court (Seattle, WA)