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WEBINAR: Leading and Managing the Reopening of Juries in Trial Courts

May 27, 2020, the National Association of Presiding Judges and Court Executive Officers hosted a special one-hour webinar for trial court leaders and leadership teams on designing and developing site-specific operational plans for reintroducing jury trials in state and local courts. Tailoring strategies to address unique, local circumstances such as coronavirus infection rates, courthouse facilities, public health and safety concerns, technology capabilities, and judicial / non-judicial staffing levels while abiding by guidelines promulgated by state supreme courts and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are challenging.

How will we respond to the pandemic?

The headlines of the number of people who have contracted the coronavirus, the people who have died, and the fact that scores of people live in senior citizens homes that no longer allow visitors – all of this drives you to think of your own mortality. Michael Landon once said, “Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows.” But it is hard to do what you want to do and maintain social isolation.

The Mary C. McQueen Award for Excellence and Leadership in Justice System Improvement

In 2015, CCJ, COSCA, NACM, and NAPCO jointly created the Mary C. McQueen Award for Excellence and Leadership in Justice System Improvement. hroughout her career, Ms. McQueen has been an advocate for court and judicial reform, has advanced the field of court administration significantly in her service to the court and justice community, and has demonstrated leadership excellence at the national, state, and local levels of judicial administration.

WEBINAR: Crisis Leadershp

How effective has your Court Leadership Team been in dealing with the pandemic crisis? Please Join this national conversation on leading effectively amid a crisis.

Put On A Shirt For Video Hearings, Judge Tells Attorneys

A Florida judge is issuing an urgent plea to attorneys during the coronavirus pandemic: Please put on a shirt before logging in to a court hearing via videoconference. Judge Dennis Bailey, who sits on the bench in family court in Broward County, said in a recent letter to the Weston Bar Association that he and his fellow jurists have dealt with a number of inappropriately dressed attorneys on Zoom video calls.